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Last Updated: Friday 16th April 2021

Current Beers

At the Hole In The Wall we believe in offering you, the discerning drinker, an eclectic range of hand-pulled ales and lagers. We endeavour to include at least one new beer each week. Take a leisurely browse through the list below to view our currently available beers and then come in and try one or two. For those of you who enjoy a good quality pint, the current renaissance in cask ale brewing is like a dream come true. With a choice of 3000 different cask ales in this country alone, you can now relive the pleasures last experienced by your grandfathers’ generation.


A 4 pint jug of any real ale below 5.0% abv for only £13.00 between 5-9pm any night.

Beer: Maple Syrup Stout (Keg)
Brewery: New Bristol
%ABV: 7%

Description: Enjoy the warm elegant tones of creamy vanilla and maple syrup in their rich, smooth and excessively decadent stout

Takeaway Price per pint: £4.40

Beer: Fenton (keg)
Brewery: Vibrant Forest
%ABV: 4.8%

Description : For Fenton Vibrant decided to use Idaho 7 and Simcoe hops blended together on to a firm malt base. Idaho 7 brings a lot of apricot and peach character, while Citra offers a hit of grapefruit and ripe tropical fruits. Bitterness is low and fermentation on our house yeast offers up juicy stone fruit flavours

Takeaway Price per pint: £4

Beer: Kaleidoscope (Keg)
Brewery: Vibrant Forest
%ABV: 5%

Description: India Pale Ale

Takeaway Price per pint: £4

Beer: Leyana (keg)
Brewery: Vibrant Forest
%ABV: 4.5%

Description: It’s been a while since we rocked a new dual 4.5%er, and, being Vibrant Forest, we wanted to show off Summit a touch. It’s a citrus-led pale this, as you’d expect from Citra and Summit, but the more tropical notes of Citra are absolutely present, and accentuated by the joyous fruity esters of London Fog yeast.

Takeaway Price per pint: £4

Beer: Perridge Pale
Brewery: Flowerpots
%ABV: 3.6

Description: Straw coloured pale ale

Takeaway Price per pint: £3

Beer: Square Logic
Brewery: 8 Arch
%ABV: 4.2

Description: Pale Ale

Takeaway Price per pint: £3

Beer: Corbel
Brewery: Eight Arch
%ABV: 5.5

Description: A highly hopped India Pale Ale brewed with massive amounts of Mosaic hops from the U.S. giving a huge hit of tropical fruit aromas and flavours.

Price per pint: £3.25

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