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Last Updated: Monday 27th May 2024

Current Beers

At the Hole In The Wall we believe in offering you, the discerning drinker, an eclectic range of hand-pulled ales and lagers. We endeavour to include at least one new beer each week. Take a leisurely browse through the list below to view our currently available beers and then come in and try one or two. For those of you who enjoy a good quality pint, the current renaissance in cask ale brewing is like a dream come true. With a choice of 3000 different cask ales in this country alone, you can now relive the pleasures last experienced by your grandfathers’ generation.


A 4 pint jug of any real ale below 5.0% abv for only £15.00 between 5-9pm any night.

Beer: American Pilsner(Keg)
Brewery: Marble
%ABV: 4.2%

Description: Crisp, clean and very drinkable with light notes of citrus, pine and a hint of caramel

Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £4.20

Beer: Pupa (keg)
Brewery: Vibrant Forest
%ABV:  4.5%

Description: Juicy Pale Ale

Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £4.60/£4

Beer: Quiet Storm Vista (keg)
Brewery: Thornbridge
%ABV:  5.5%

Description: Quiet Storm is a unique series of single hop showcases. Using some of their favourite hop varieties, the ambition of this project is to really highlight the full spectrum and capability of each individual variety through precise application at different stages of brewing. Vista is an exciting recent hop variety which began its development in 2006 and was officially released in 2021 by the USDA Breeding Programme. This programme is described as having ‘bred the genetic hop base on which American craft beer was built, so certainly has its credentials. Vista is already well known for its intricate flavour profile, displaying a melange of tropical flavours, white grape and rich bursts of stone fruit.

Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £5

Beer:  Catch the Colours Everywhere (keg)
Brewery:  Verdant
%ABV:  4.8%

Description: Sessionable strength banging pale ale. Dry hopped way beyond its stature with some of their favourite hop varieties. This beer is full of depth and complexity, definitely a house favourite hop combo! 

Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £5

Beer: Swift One
Brewery: Bowman
%ABV: 3.8%

Description: A pale, golden quaffing ale with excellent flavours for it’s strength. Pleasingly hoppy throughout without being aggressive and possessing a fine aroma. The finish is dry with a small twist of sweetness at the end. If you feel that this is all rather pretentious then it can best be described as a ‘fantastic pint’!

Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £4/£3.25

Beer:  Citra APA
Brewery:  Three Acre
%ABV: 4.8%

Description: Juicy Citra hops combine with a complex base of grain, to make a smooth and delicious pale ale, with moreish tropical flavours of mango and passionfruit.

Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £4/£3.25

Beer Solid State (Keg)
Brewery: Verdant
%ABV: 6.5%

Description: A collaboration with YCH Hops. Expect a really light coloured beer; golden yellow with a lovely super creaminess and massively tropical punch from the combined use of Cryo and T90 hop pellets.

Drink in/Takeout Price per pint: £6

Beer:  Arapaho
Brewery:  Langham
%ABV:  4.9%

Description: ..The clue’s in the name! A generously hopped American Pale Ale, this beer has body with notes of bitter Apricot and passion fruit topped with a creamy head, and a smooth rounded finish..


Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £4/£3.25

Beer: Session IPA
Brewery: Langham
%ABV: 3.8%

Description: Hazy Session IPA, golden beer using El Dorado and Mosaic hops offers tropical fruit and berry flavours, with aromas of pineapple and stone fruit, complemented by a contrasting earthy taste. Expect a smooth mouth-feel and heavenly fruit-hop aromas.

Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £4/£3.25

Beer:  Blood Orange pale
Brewery:  Three Acre
%ABV: 4.9%

Description: Their Blood Orange Pale is an extra-special APA, using US and German hops and real blood orange peel to bring forward juicy, yet finely balanced flavours.

Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £4/£3.25

Beer:  Hip Hop
Brewery:  Langham
%ABV:  4%

Description: Exactly what it says on the clip. Following in the modern tradition of blonde strongly hopped beers. A classic blonde beer — clean and crisp. The nose is loaded with floral hop aroma while the pale malt flavour is overtaken by a pleasing dry and bitter finish.


Drink in/Takeaway Price per pint: £4/£3.25

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