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Last Updated: Weds 9th August 2017

Forthcoming Beers

For those of you who enjoy a good quality pint, the current renaissance in cask ale brewing is like a dream come true. With a choice of 3000 different cask ales in this country alone, you can now relive the pleasures last experienced by your grandfathers’ generation.

Here at the Hole In The Wall we take great pride in offering you a range of ales to suit all tastes. Browse through the list below to see the ales we will be serving in the coming weeks.

Beer: Regather
Brewery: Blue Bee
%ABV: 3.9

Description: Willamette hops

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer: American 5 Hop Version 13
Brewery: Blue Bee
%ABV: 4.3

Description: Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot, Columbus, Simcoe

Price per pint: £3.40


Beer Reet Pale
Brewery: Blue Bee
%ABV: 4

Description: Hoppy, floral, citrusy

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer: Hillfoot Best Bitter
Brewery:  Blue Bee
%ABV:  4

Description: Dark, traditional, balanced

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer: India Ale
Brewery: Buffy’s
%ABV: 4.6

Description: The thirst quenching astringency is reminiscent of those far off days and truly emulates this great traditional style of beer.

Price per pint: £3.40

Beer: Headband (Keg)
Brewery: Verdant
%ABV: 5.5

Description: Pale Ale

Price per half pint: £2.70


Beer:  Ultra
Brewery:  Slaters
%ABV:  3.7

Description: Ultra hoppy and ultra pale

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer: Fool For You  (Keg)
Brewery: Cloudwater
%ABV: 6.5

Description: A collaboration with Duration Brewing, a new farmhouse brewery set to open in Norfolk. This Saison was brewed with five different grains, three yeasts, one hop variety, and British gooseberries in the whirlpool

Price per pint: £5.60

Beer: Bloom (Keg)
Brewery: Verdant
%ABV: 6.5

Description: IPA

Price per half pint: £3

Beer: Pulp (Keg)
Brewery: Verdant
%ABV: 8

Description: Double IPA

Price per half pint: £4.20

Beer: Chiron  (Keg)
Brewery: Thornbridge
%ABV: 5

Description: American pale

Price per pint: £4.40


Beer:  Hole In Time
Brewery:  Staggeringly Good
%ABV:  4.3

Description: Brewed from American and New Zealand hops and has a tantalising hint of apricot, peaches, grapefruit and passion fruit, brewed exclusively for the Hole in the Wall.

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer: Plum Porter Grand Reserve
Brewery: Titanic
%ABV: 6.5

Description: Big brother of the excellent Plum Porter

Price per pint: £4

Beer:  Plateau
Brewery:  Burning Sky
%ABV:  3.5

Description: Pale Gold in colour with a crisp malt edge and sharp bitterness. Mix of U.S & N.Z hops.

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer:  Sunburst
Brewery:  Dark Star
%ABV:  4.8

Description: A hint of initial sweetness adds to the fruitiness and grapefruit tang of this summer ale without detracting from its clean flavour and rich hop aroma.

Price per pint: £3.40

Beer: Aurora
Brewery: Burning Sky
%ABV: 5.6

Description: Our premium strength pale ale ‘Aurora’ has a satisfying blend of malts to provide a juicy backbone and a pale amber colour. An expansive blend of US hops give a resinous mouthfeel – big citrus & tropical fruit flavours, which are prominent, yet well balanced.

Price per pint: £3.80

Dark Star Revelation
Beer: Revelation
Brewery: Dark Star
%ABV: 5.7

Description: A blend of Centennial, Liberty, Cascade, and Citra aroma hops by the sack full – then dry hopped during conditioning using our ‘Hoptimizer’ (Industrial sized hookah).

Price per pint: £4

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