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Last Updated: Thurs 20th July 2017

Current Beers

At the Hole In The Wall we believe in offering you, the discerning drinker, an eclectic range of hand-pulled ales and lagers. We endeavour to include at least one new beer each week. Take a leisurely browse through the list below to view our currently available beers and then come in and try one or two. For those of you who enjoy a good quality pint, the current renaissance in cask ale brewing is like a dream come true. With a choice of 3000 different cask ales in this country alone, you can now relive the pleasures last experienced by your grandfathers’ generation.


A 4 pint jug of any real ale below 5.0% abv for only £12.00 between 5-9pm any night.


Beer:  Hole In Time
Brewery:  Staggeringly Good
%ABV:  4.3

Description: Brewed from American and New Zealand hops and has a tantalising hint of apricot, peaches, grapefruit and passion fruit, brewed exclusively for the Hole in the Wall.

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer: Wild Boys (Keg)
Brewery: Wild Weather/YeastieBoys
%ABV: 5.5

Description: Drawing sweetness from a complex malt base but turning 360 with a vibrant mix of New Zealand & UK hops (with a handful of our favorite American hops in for good measure). A brown to both please and astound in body and flavour.

Price per pint: £4.50

Beer: Arise (Keg)
Brewery: Burning Sky
%ABV:  4.4

Description: Session strength IPA

Price per pint: £4

Beer: Solar Impulse
Brewery: Good Chemistry
%ABV: 5

Description: A full-flavoured, easy-drinking summer beer, where the focus is squarely on hops. Light in body and colour, the British, American and German varieties of hops combine resinous notes with summer fruit flavours.
Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley, oats and wheat

Price per pint: £3.80

Beer: Easy Answers (Keg)
Brewery: Burning Sky
%ABV:  6

Description: IPA

Price per pint: £4.60

Beer:  Hophead
Brewery:  Dark Star
%ABV:  3.8

Description: An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops. This beer is full-bodied and full-flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a favourite session beer.

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer:  Plateau
Brewery:  Burning Sky
%ABV:  3.5

Description: Pale Gold in colour with a crisp malt edge and sharp bitterness. Mix of U.S & N.Z hops.

Price per pint: £3.20

Beer: Constellation
Brewery: Aurora Ales
%ABV: 4.2

Description: A traditional Amber Bitter with a true taste of tradition, slightly sweet initially but soon giving way to a powerful bitterness and with a refreshing hoppy finish.

Price per pint: £3.20

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